• The Art of Life Drawing, Jane Stanton
  • Dynamic Anatomy, Burne Hogarth
  • The Female Form: Draped and Undraped, George B. Bridgman
  • Drawing Hands, Carl Cheek
  • Atlas of Anatomy for Artists, Fritz Schider, 1957
  • Leonardo on the Human Body, Leonardo da Vinci, 1952


  • Drawing Horses, Gladys Emerson Cook, 1956


  • Film Animation Techniques


  • Guide to Cartooning
  • The Art of Mickey Mouse, Craig Yoe and Janet Morra-Yoe
  • Pen Tips on Cartooning, Charles Stoner
  • The Cartoon Book, James Kemsley
  • The Cartoon Book 2, James Kemsley
  • Cartooning The Art and the Business, Mort Gerberg
  • Draw Your Own Superheroes Now, Jon Buller, 1996


  • Editorial and Political Cartooning: From earliest times to the present, Syd Hoff, 1976

History ofEdit

  • Cartoons and Cartooning, Harvey Weiss, 1990


  • The Complete Artist
  • First Steps: Sketching and Drawing
  • The Drawing Book, John Deacon
  • Draw 50: Buildings and Other Structures, Lee J. Ames, 1980
  • Charcoal Drawings, Francis J. Meyers, 1964
  • The Step-by-Step Art Series: Drawing, Ian Sidaway, 1996


  • How to Write and Illustrate Children's Book and Get them Published, Treld Pelkey Bicknell and Felicity Trotman


  • Photography & the art of seeing, Freeman Patterson, 1979
  • The Imaginary Photo Museum, Renate and L. Fritz Gruber, 1981


  • Basic People Painting, Rachel Rubin Wolf, 1996
  • Basic Flower Painting, Rachel Rubin Wolf, 1996


  • Commercial Art and Cartooning (1925)

For KidsEdit

  • I Can Draw: Prehistorical Animals, Gwen Robinson, 1988


  • Funny Faces: Tracing Fun, George Wildman, 1987
  • How to Draw: Fun Animals
  • How to Draw: Comic Characters
  • Unicorns and Dragons: Tracing Fun, Manny Campana, 1990


  • The Pocket Book of Great Drawings, Paul J. Sachs
  • The World of Michelangelo 1475-1564, Robert Coughlan, 1966
  • Michelangelo, Lutz Heusinger, 1977


  • Hungry, Hungry Sharks, Patricia Wynne, 1986
  • High Sounds, Low Sounds, Paul Galdone, 1967
  • Classic Cars: Cadillac, LeRoi Smith and Tony Hossain, 1983


  • The Faber Guide to Twentieth-Century Architecture: Britain and Northern Europe, Lance Knobel, 1985


  • Master Artist: Brent Copp, 1988
  • Master Artist: Les Kouba, Paul Van Denmark, 1976
  • Master Cartoonist: Charles Schulz, Roger Bradfield, 1983


Children's picture booksEdit

  • Let's Pretend
  • The Brave Cowboy, Joan Walsh Anglund, 1959
  • The Toady and Dr. Miracle, Ib Ohlsson, 1985


  • Whizzer and Chips Annual 1979, Mike Jacey, 1979
  • The Broons, Ken H. Harrison, 1997
  • Saul of Tarsus, 1993
  • David, 1993

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