Home assignmentsEdit

There are 27 home assignments available. Students need to choose any 12 assignments to complete. If they want to do more than 12 assignments, they can either choose their best works from those drawn, or submit them all. Assignments should be at least more than 1/2-a-page, so that the judges can clearly see what the drawing is of.

List of home assignments

TV drawingsEdit

Every week, an image appears on the television screen for 30-minutes. The first week is a portrait, second week is a still life, and third week is an animal. It is highly suggested that students participate in this exercise every week, regardless of whether they "like" drawing a particular subject.

Twelve of these images must be submitted at the end of the year, from these exercises. Two must be portraits, two must be still life, two must be animals. The other six are whatever images the student think are best.

Incomplete list:

Portraits: Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie (Narnia); George Stroumboulopoulos
Still life: Easter eggs; roses on a hat; tractor; log cabin; sewing machine
Animals: Kingfisher