I am a surrealist painter in gouache, sometimes diluted with Coca-Cola (including on aluminum foil, carbon paper, cardboard cut from a USPS Priority Mail box, cork, paper towel, papyrus, photo paper, rubber and sandpaper); acrylic; oil; watercolour; automotive paint; CinnaMint breath drops and red wine stain remover; photographer (including Polaroids and those taken in a photo booth); cartoonist and maker of chocolate coulages; cubomanias; drawings with coloured pencil, crayon, Crayola Color-Reveal Markers, iced caffè mocha, lint remover, lip balm, Listerine and insect bite relief stick, pen (including antimicrobial counter pen, ballpoint pen, counterfeit pen, four-color pen, invisible ink pen, non-permanent and dry erase markers, permanent marker, Rainbow Magic pen, and yes-know pen), sandstone and Tide on (among other surfaces) paper cut from a security envelope, banana paper, Crayola Color Wonder paper, Crayola Color Explosion Rainbow Color Reveal paper, flannel, foam-core board, a handkerchief, a printed magazine page, paper with staples, and the playing surface of compact discs; stencils; fax art; works involving chewing gum and digital artworks, both screen-based and printed (via laser printer, for example). I have signed a drawing with Post-it® Flags. I have used whiteboard and FIMO. I have employed such surrealist methods as grattage and parsemage and my surrealist object "The Blue Fetish", is made of a PVC trap painted with gouache inside which is a chocolate-coated espresso bean and decaffeinated coffee bean. I have made two films, The Dead Man and The Erotic Life of the Eskimo, a watch in honour of An Jung-geun (published by Idealist Press International, Ltd.), a a computer desktop design and a bumper sticker.

I have also been active in mail art, and have designed artistamps. Since 2002 I have served as the Chief Executive Officer of the International Union of Mail Artists. I have been named an Academical Knight of Verbano by the Ordine Accademia Internazionale <<Greci-Marino>>.

I have participated in the 2004 and 2005 Snail Mail World Postcard Art shows at Visual Arts Brampton's Artway Gallery.

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